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The Benefits of Choosing Cremation

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The Benefits of Choosing Cremation

For some time, cremation was frowned upon as irreligious and irreverent because it gets rid of the body in a convenient way. It is nothing at all like that. The process may be a little different, but the end result has just been hastened and there is quite a degree of respect for the remains. The almost ritualistic step by step process set into motion shows care and expertise put together.

CremationCremating a body does not even mean settling for just one type of burial. The body could be cremated and still be buried afterwards. Here are some benefits that cremation offers that just might change your mind about the practice.

It is a cleansing process

In cremating a body, the deceased is subjected to extremely high temperatures released as jet-like flames in a special incinerator. Because there is heat involved, one can say that germs and bacteria are killed off instantly. It is a very practical and easy approach. Similarly, in more poetic fashion, it is also a cleansing process.

It is a cheaper option

For those who cannot afford ostentatious caskets for traditional burials, cremation is a cheaper option. The casket used in the process is much cheaper and is made up of flammable material. It does not have to be expensive since it will be burned together with the body, anyway. There is also a possibility that the bereaved family does not have to buy a plot in the cemetery or a place in a columbarium. They may choose to just scatter the ashes or to keep the remains in an urn. The process is then a cheaper but still a respectful option.

It caters to bodies that are not fit for display

There are families who may have been used to burying their dead the traditional way but have been stripped off the option. How? Diseased or mangled bodies may not be fit for displaying in open caskets. While some families prefer just closing the caskets, others may be happy to grab a different option. Cremating the body will take away the possibly painful sight from the family’s view.

It makes way for varied burial preferences

The cremation process is not the end of the whole deal, however. Afterwards, the ashes are kept in an urn for whatever the family decides to do with it. There are families who keep the remains in a box to be buried in a regular cemetery. There are others who have their urns of ashes kept in a columbarium. Of course, there is the popular image of family members scattering the ashes into the ocean or to fields for the symbolic return to nature or to a God or gods, whatever they believe in.

It potentially saves space

For those who do decide to keep the urn in a columbarium, to scatter to ashes back to nature or to take home the urn with the ashes, they are saving space. They are not buying plots of land or crypts wherein the deceased will be buried in. Anyway, after a few years, those remains will be transferred to smaller spaces to give way to new bodies being buried. Family mausoleums may have different rules in keeping bodies but they also take a lot of space in cemeteries. Some even resemble small houses. Yet others are bigger than some houses.

Cremation thus presents several benefits, aside from the readily-perceived ones of convenience and cost-effectiveness. It cannot be simply generalized because each request for the method has a different underlying reason. It should be good news for most people that it is no longer regarded as a cultural taboo.

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