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Why Many Organizations Use Custom Challenge Coins

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Why Many Organizations Use Custom Challenge Coins

   Society ,,   January 23, 2016  Comments Off on Why Many Organizations Use Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are used in a wide number of purposes. They are popularly used in the military but they are also widely used in colleges, fire departments, police departments, business organizations and many other groups. These coins are essentially a representation of honor for the genuine services given by an individual, a club or an organization. They are said to have started in the United States Air Force. These coins also carry various meanings depending upon who awards and who receives them.

custom challenge coinsFor the members of the armed forces, these military challenge coins symbolize their camaraderie and honor. These coins are usually awarded by a superior officer, perhaps the commanding officer of the unit. They are an excellent way on how superior officers express their appreciation for the outstanding performance given by military members. They also typically carry the name of the certain unit of the recipient as well as the emblem of the specific branch of the armed forces. These coins can also come in a wide variety of metals, which include gold plating, nickel, copper, brass, bronze and silver.

Custom challenge coins also hold various meanings depending on the organization they represent. The coins used in police departments represent the fraternity of the police order. The “Protect and Serve” emblem that can be usually seen on police vehicles can also be engraved onto the police challenge coins. These challenge coins are used to represent somehow all the possible dangers that these brave men and women go through while performing their duties and responsibilities. Nonetheless, they symbolize the honor possessed by these people who dedicate their lives to this risky profession.

Fire departments also make use of challenge coins or honor coins are some people refer to them. The name of the department as well as the origin city is usually included on the design of such custom challenge coins. The function of such challenge coins is to honor the people who deal with emergency situations that arise on a daily basis. These coins are also an excellent way of honoring the people who have lost their lives while performing their duties. They are usually given to the family of the person who has lost his or her life during his or her service. They are a great way to express the gratitude and acknowledgement not only of the department but also of the whole city.

Creating custom challenge coins for your club or organization is an excellent means of acknowledging and commending the efforts and dedication shown by every member. Aside from that, these coins are also a good way of enhancing the team spirit in your organization. The use of these coins can provide a great sense of belonging to all members of your team. It is also an effective morale booster especially when your organization is going through some crisis. These challenge coins are perfect no matter what your organization deals with. They are ideal for groups and organizations that give relief efforts to victims of any type of disaster. Challenge coins are also great for commending the exceptional acts of service given by people who offer the daily sustenance for the less fortunate individuals. They are a simple yet meaningful way for giving back to people who provide genuine service to their fellow citizens.

When awarding custom challenge coins, the creation as well as the elements included must fit perfectly the specific requirement of an organization. One of the best ways to achieve this is to include the logo and even the slogan of the organization or group. It would also be more meaningful when the reason for awarding and the name of the awarding person are also engraved onto the challenge coins.


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